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Supernaturally Related

Supernaturally Related

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Two captivating flash fiction tales, "Soulstals" and "History Makes Sense," exclusively available in "Supernaturally Related." These stories weave together the mystical and the ordinary, inviting readers into worlds where the past and the present collide, and where every decision echoes through the fabric of reality.

Soulstals: A woman in her 60s by the name of Chy has a lot more than just her crystal shop. She has the town of Manchesta. Being new in the town Ryu and her little brother Hem meet the woman and soon are on a mission to discover why the towns folk are not so pleased with her attendance.

History Makes Sense: An abandoned library is holding more than just books but the ancient history of a family. Jon discovers he is not an ordinary boy, and his family has more than shared history with someone from the past. The truth about who they are turns into a fight that they are more than prepared for.

Perfect for fans of supernatural fiction and short stories, "Supernaturally Related" promises a quick yet immersive reading experience. These tales of mystery, power, and discovery are ideal for those intrigued by the mystical and the extraordinary. Whether you're fascinated by the lore of crystal magic, ancient libraries, or the unbreakable bonds that connect us, these flash fictions offer a unique escape into worlds where the supernatural is closer than it appears.

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