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Brown On The Outside

Brown On The Outside

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This black history picture book serves as a crucial educational tool, shedding light on the struggles and resilience of ancestors whose stories form the foundation of a rich cultural heritage. It's a celebration of strength, a testament to endurance, and a call to action for productive growth as members of society.

This is a great lesson for our youth. Understanding what their ancestors endured can help them develop and grow as productive members of society. Learning the struggle that we still face today and how to use our voice to make the change. Racism affects many ethnicities of all origins and as a black woman, it helped me, and many others grow as human beings. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and equally. The history of racism and its effects on society are not taught enough in schools or the community. It's extremely important for people of all generations to understand the truth, though it is hard to hear. Without the truth, we live a life of lies, manipulation, and unrecognized abuse. There are stories that have not been told that deserve to be. Justice must be served and equality must be established. DIVIDED WE FALL, BUT TOGETHER WE STAND.

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